Our Story

Since 1995, Chapelle Charlemagne Vineyards has done more than refine an old tradition. Guided by an international palate, Chapelle Charlemagne Vineyards has been dedicated to producing exceptional hand-crafted, single-vineyard artisanal wines for more than two decades.

Chapelle Charlemagne Vineyards makes everything in small batches from our home base in Virginia. To achieve optimal flavor, our products age from three months to four years, making every bottle worth your patience.

We want to give our customers robust, refreshing and delicious wines. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that Virginia grapes benefit from the rich, complex soil, temperate climate, and abundant sunlight to produce excellent wines.

At Chapelle Charlemagne we believe wine is not a trophy, it’s a way of life. We pride ourselves on a multigenerational family tradition of meticulously cultivating our vines to yield exceptional regional grapes and produce wines that have commanded global recognition.